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激光中穿梭 A Subtropical Queer Night

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激光中穿梭 A Subtropical Queer Night, 2020

Presenter: Eaton Hk

Host: Chen Yuen



舞曲與夜店文化的發展一直與LGBTQ+社群密不可分,甚至可以說是植根於LGBTQ+社體,由七十年代的紐約酷兒舉行的私人派對帶起了迪士高熱潮、七十代晚期至八十年代早期的芝加哥地下同志夜店興起的浩室音樂、到七、八十年代發展自哈林的變裝舞廳的vogue舞蹈等等。而在香港夜場文化,酷兒亦是不可或缺的一員,如早在七十年代晚期帶起了蘭桂坊發展的DISCO DISCO逢星期四專為男同志舉行BOY’S NIGHT OUT!。因此,在八十年代的香港迪士高不時會見到一眾同志偶像羅文、張國榮、梅艷芳與陳百強的身影!一直受主流社會逼迫的LGBTQ+社群在音樂與舞蹈中找到一個喘息的安全空間,並啟發了多種表演藝術流派的發展。

適逢今年六月,芝加哥、紐約與加洲同志遊行均踏入50週年,PRIDE At Eaton!的「激光中穿梭」將在亞熱帶氣候下炎熱潮濕的夏天,為香港的酷兒帶來雨後彩虹的一晚。「激光中穿梭」邀請了一眾酷兒與同盟者表演,陣容包括:本地DJ Alexmalism、FINGERGAP、火炭麗琪、Kelvin T、YONGYING,當晚火炭麗琪更會首次以變裝國王打扮登場、香港vogue推手、舞者與導師Ken Ken Milan、跨越性別界限的變裝皇后XXXotica,以及新晉VJ Collection Management System。就如羅文的經典舞曲《激光中》的歌詞「光加熱就等如火,火加歌就等如我」,希望一眾亞熱帶酷兒在當晚能在寬廣的性/別光譜中展現屬於自己的耀眼光芒。

A Subtropical Queer Night

The development of dance music and nightclub culture has always been inseparable from the LGBTQ+ community, we can even say they are radically rooted in the LGBTQ+ community: from the private loft parties held by queers in New York at the 1970s which had brought the Disco craze, the house music that emerged in a Chicago underground gay nightclub from the late seventies to the early 1980s, to the vogue dance developed from Harlem's drag ballroom in the 1970-80s. Besides the U.S., Queers are also an indispensable member in Hong Kong nightclub scene, like BOY’S NIGHT OUT, an event for gay men on every Thursday held by the legendary nightclub DISCO DISCO, which led the development of Lan Kwai Fong in the late 1970s. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see the queer icons, Roman Tam, Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui and Danny Chan in Hong Kong disco scene in 1980s! The LGBTQ+ community, which has always been neglected and oppressed by the society, has found a safe space in music and dance, and has inspired the development of various movements of performing arts ever since.

This year’s June, the LGBTQ+ communities of Chicago, New York and California is celebrating their 50th anniversary of Pride Parade. “PRIDE At Eaton! - A Subtropical Queer Night” will bring a rainbow after rains in the humid and sizzling subtropical summer for the Queers in Hong Kong. The lineup in “A Subtropical Queer Night” includes a group of DJs, dancers, and VJ who are queers or our allies: local DJs like, Alexmalism, FINGERGAP, FOTAN LAIKI, Kelvin T and YONGYING, FOTAN LAIKI will be dressed up as drag king for her first time. Hong Kong vogue promoter, dancer and teacher, Ken Ken Milan, gender blending drag queen XXXotica, as well as the budding VJ, Collection Management System.

As the lyrics of Roman Tam's classic dance song "In the Laser Light” goes, "Light plus Heat becomes Fire, Fire plus Music becomes Me”, we hope that all of us subtropical queers will be able to show our true colours in the broad gender/sexuality spectrum under the night of dazzling laser light. 

Programme Details:

激光中穿梭 A Subtropical Queer Night

日期 Date: 26/6/2020 (五 Fri)
時間 Time: 9p.m. - 2a.m.
場地 Venue: Music Room, Terrible Baby, 4/F, Eaton HK
地址 Address: 九龍油麻地380號 380 Nathan Rd, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
免費入場 Free Entry

陣容 Lineup

Kelvin T

變裝皇后 Drag Queen:

Vogue舞者 Vogue Dancer:
Ken Ken Milan

Collection Management System

玩具贊助 Toy Sponsor:
喜穴 Pleasure Point

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