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Copy is Right!

Copy is Right!, 2016

Single Channel Video/ 3’27”/ Color/ Sound


Copy is right! is a satirical remix sampling stock imagery, sound effects, and pop music downloaded from the Internet. Colliding dialogues are generated from a tailor-made application utilizing the voice of the Apple synthesizer. By manipulating intellectual property and open-source software, the video reimagines the legal and illegal narratives traversing computational input, Internet-based technology, and social media under current conditions of techno-capitalism.


Videotage Media Art Collection!&page=1

Screening History:

Indie Roaring | Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Both Sides Now 2017/18 | Videotage & videoclub

1st Subculture Graduate Exhibition Opening Party | Asia Subculture Association

My Bullshits are Magical 凸(#゚⊿`)⊃━☆゚.*・。 | Absurd Creation & nice girl  anna

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