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Facekini Atoll (Knee Play 4)

Facekini Atoll (Knee Play 4), 2016

Multimedia Performance, Single Channel Video/ 9’14”/ Color/


Facekini Atoll is single-channel video version of the live visual for Knee Play 4 of Knee Play 1-5 from Einstein on the Beach in When Senses Converge, a cross-sensory collaboration between live visual by Aurora Trip Sitter and choir performance by Hong Kong Youth Choir at Hong Kong City Hall in 2016.


By recontextualizing the instrumental role of Albert Einstein facilitating the invention of atomic bomb and the recent mask design for protecting swimmers and beachgoers from ultraviolet radiation, facekini, Facekini Atoll imagines a ritual celebrating nuclear bombings in a fictional island, Facekini Atoll, which resembles Bikini Atoll destroyed by a series of nuclear tests by U.S. during 1946 to 1958 and inspired the naming of the swimsuit, bikini. 


About Aurora Trip Sitter
Aurora Trip Sitter is an young artist collective co-founded by joseph2015chen, nice girl anna, xyziki, fotan laiki, wateva aka j/awesome. The media of artworks range from videos, performances, installations and new media. The trip sitters are combined with neurasthenia patients and deep users of internet. The spirit of sited trip: everything in reality is messed up, we can chill only by crossing the predetermined boundaries of the society and showing a solid and honest confession. We will guide you to search for the path to aurora, enjoy the subtropical aurora under A Symphony of Lights, feel the joy and healing of losing independent thinking through contemplating the extreme scenery.


Screening History:

Our Manifestos II: Videography, Documentary Impulses – book launch series

Video Cypher Special Event: vCloud | Twenty Alpha, Video Cypher

Videotage Media Art Collection: Paranormal
When Senses Converge | Hong Kong Youth Choir
The People/ Cities/ Memories | Dream Like Bubbles

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