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Phoenix Colour TV (Video Cypher Vol.6)

Phoenix Colour TV (Video Cypher Vol.6), 2019

Single Channel Video/ 0’31”/ Color/ Sound


Phoenix Colour TV  is part of Video Cypher. Vol.6 , a moving images series related to the theme of a group music performance, 《鳳凰涅槃:意動甦生 》. Phoenix Colour TV  is based on a research on the etymology of the word, phoenix and plays with the semiotic meanings of phoenix and rebirth. Tracing back to phoenix in ancient visual cultures from Ancient Egyptian myth and the dye production from Phoenicia, Phoenix Colour TV  is remixed with the concept of death/birth in Hong Kong cultures from a Cantonese slang, 'sell salted duck eggs"(「賣咸鴨蛋」) and a TV game show called Ladies and Gentlemen, Fung Wong Neui (各位觀眾,鳳凰女》) hosted by an Hong Kong actress, Fung Wong Neui, whose name means phoenix girl. 


About Video Cypher

Video Cypher [HK] was initiated by Anna Chim in 2017, and inspired by LA beat cypher crew Team Supreme. The intention of Video Cypher is about gathering friends to encourage and inspire each other in playing with videos and making progress together. The participating artists are required to interpret certain materials or themes with a goal to learn and explore video editing or animation techniques, hopefully produce some fun results. Participating artists include Anna Chim, Awe IW, Suze陳, Chiu Yan Wah, Alex Yiu, Crystal Bug, Dom Paul Chung, Heidi Huang, Joseph Chen 2015, Kelvin T, Mia Chu, Qqbbg, Wong Kei Ying, Ziki Cheung, etc.

Screening History:
鳳凰涅槃:意動甦生 | Absurd Creation

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