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Shameplant in Glory Hole

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Shameplant in Glory Hole, 2019-2021

Initiated by Joseph Chen in 2019, Shameplant in Glory Hole is a long-term research project, which is articulated through a series of archival research, exhibitions and performances, multimedia creations, and cross-platform collaborations spanning a three-year period. The project focuses on second-hand memories and experiences of used commodities in the Sham Shui Po flea market, such as hard drive disks, among others while also conceiving the flea market as an alternative space for artistic practices. Seeking to go beyond personal research, Joseph Chen partnered with Castiel Wong as the art initiative, Virtue Village, and looked to expand the project into a dialogue with other artists and the Sham Shui Po community through organizing 活體洞, a two-day exhibition and live art performance in a truck parked in the flea market on  1 and 2 May 2021. 活體洞 invited 36 artists from Hong Kong, China, the USA, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, and Singapore, and the performance sessions were co-organized with The Originals. The result of the research project will be presented in the eponymous exhibition at Videotage from 19 June to  17 July 2021.


Joseph Chen Solo Exhibition: Shameplant in Glory Hole

Exhibition Period: 19.6.2021 - 17.7.2021

Venue: Videotage

Presenter: Videotage

Selected Media Coverage:


Exhibition: 1.5.2021

Live Works: 2.5.2021

Organizers: Virtue Village, The Originals

Artists: Duncan Herd, Vunkwan Tam, Anlan Huang, Chen Pin Tao, Hou Lam Tsui & Herman Chan HW, Underground Flower & TRASHPHARMACY, Ringo Lo, Mildred Cheng, Chrslmn, Khairullah Rahim, Suze Chan, Jane Cheung & S.Yi Yao, Olivier, Mui, Chen Yuen, Goksu Kunak, Arsenios, Chengan Xia, Jennital, Chen Di, Rose Wei, Treasurealll, Sin.W, Florence Lam, Cathy Tsang, To Yeuk, Lai Chun Ling, Mandy Ma, Wilson, Little Yellow Orchid, Monique Yim, Wing Sze Ng, Cas

Programme Details:

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