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Siam Rehab

Sleeptripping Dualogy - Siam Rehab, 2018-2019

Single Channel Video/ 05’24”/ Color/ Sound


Siam Rehab is the second video of the Sleeptripping Dualogy (STD), it is an imaginary travelogue about Siam, reconstructing a narrative by deconstructing the documentation of the tour. Continued with my approach to documenting travel memories through the lens of a Video-8 camera as Chungking Detour, while contemplating tripping with the principle of Brahman from Hindu philosophy as a healing practice. I remapped the state of dreaming and awakening into a remix of original footages with readymade texts, audios, videos and images. The video attempts to guide the audience dreaming in a docu-fictional journey.

Exhibition and Screening History:

Hong Kong - Tales of the City​ | Denny Dimin Gallery, Videotage

KLEX Open Programme 3 : Me Myself Are Yours | The 10th Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival


​Selected Media Coverage:

Full length of Sleeptripping Dualogy is available on NOWNESS's Youtube channel↓↓↓

Thai Day4a.00_00_47_05.Still007.jpg
Thai Day4a.00_02_02_22.Still010.jpg
Thai Day4a.00_04_19_12.Still005.png
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