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Thing, 2019

Video Installation 

bovine-derived products, metal product, projector, media player

dimension variable


““Thing (物)” means “all things (萬物)”. “Buffalo (牛)” is a great thing; the pattern of the universe starts from leading buffalos to plough. “Thing”’s radical is “buffalo”, and its phonetic is “wù(勿)”.” Xu Shen. Shuowen Jiezi. (說文解字; literally: 'Explaining Graphs and Analyzing Characters')


By tracing the sacred roles of bovine in mythology and religion and exploring diverse uses of bovine in the secular society, Thing studies the relationship between bovine and human culture. Through reconnecting Cattle Depot and the economic sectors in the communities nearby and revisiting the spatial memories of Ma Tau Kok Road Animal Quarantine Depot, Thing recomposes heterogeneous forms of “thing” after the deconstruction of one homogeneous category, “bovine”.


Exhibition and Screening History:

Opening Ceremony of Cattle Depot Art Park - Experiencing Cattle Depot: Public Art Exhibition|Kowloon City District Council & Home Affairs Department Kowloon City District Office

Media Coverage:副刊/article/20190913/s00005/1568313656578/牛棚公園展「藝」力-放手開拓更多可能

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