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TRA(SH SH SH)ART, 2015-2016

 Performance photographs, Google Map Street View Screenshots

TRA(SH SH SH)ART, is a photography and performance project based on a research of trash on the Google Map Street View. Google Map Street View is one of the earliest using photos functioned as a map for indicating directions, meanwhile, these documentary photos have recorded different periods of time of different spaces. During those times, many photographed objects are not intended to be shot in the Street View, like trashes on the street. The artwork is to review the redundant and irrelevant details of the Street View photos and re-examine the possibility of Google Map as a database for artistic practices. When I was browsing the Street View and finding the trashes on it, the role of me is similar to a street cleaner, so I performed as a street cleaner to represent these virtual trashes into the reality that they used to be there. Keep the Street View clean and save our Google Earth. 

​Click left or right on the above image to see the rest of the image series

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