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Virtue Village 

Virtue Village, founded by Hong Kong artist duo and lovers - Cas Wong and Joseph Chen, aims at creating art that connect human to spirituality, and to explore the idea of ascension in different culture and religions. Our goal is to liberate human from our physical vessels, escape our myopia, and go beyond the present bounds of our imagination for a future of parabiotic common ground. And the key to achieve all that is, to us, Love. Our artistic practice is greatly connected to body-based performance, video and installations.


Selected Media Coverage:

How to Migrate to A Higher Dimension, 2021

Single Channel Video / 6:20 / Color/ Sound


“The destiny of humans has already been written down, there are no places for humans escaping from sufferings in reality, and humans must turn into a spiritual existence in the future. Humans can only be ultimately emancipated by migrating to a higher dimension.”

— Virtue Village


How to Migrate to a Higher Dimension is a video created by Virtue Village, an artist duo living in one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong - Chun Seen Mei Chuen (semantically translated into “Virtue Village”). In this video, we explore how our consciousness can transcend the boundaries of national borders and migrate to a higher dimension (or Nirvana) without sufferings.


















How to Migrate to A Higher Dimension (Off-site Screening Documentation), 2021

Single Channel Video / 4:54 / Color/ Sound


Following the release of the video, we also created another new video in which we imagine what it would look like if we screen the aforementioned video in various publics spaces inside our housing estate. The new video is a documentation of the virtual off-site screening. 

Exhibition & Screening History:

Astral Projection | Parallel Space 

Gothic Pastrol: Slouching in freefall | Solo Show, Tzvetnik

Video Cypher Special Event: vCloud | Twenty Alpha, Video Cypher

The Cypher Vol. 10: Migration A Self-Return Show | Negative Space, Video Cypher

Negative Space Online Screening of “ Migration” Round 2 & Video Cypher Vol.10 (2020) | Negative Space, Video Cypher

Facial Nuisance , 2021


Facial Nuisance is a performance situated in Sham Shui Po flee market as part of the live art session of 活體洞. Facial Nuisance is a manifestation of cruelty and spirituality, a visceral and satirical comment on violence, rejection and failed promise. By overlapping installation, videos, and performance, this work hopes to create unsettling and provocative visuals and human presence to simulate the extreme yet aestheticised mental states of deep anxiety and despair in our absurd and chaotic world. 

​Click the above image to zoom in and click left and right arrow for the rest of the documentation.

Programme Details:

Selected Media Coverage:

YeP YeP  

Virtue Village was commissioned by YeP YeP Magazine to create 10 fake ads in the 1st issue of the magazine. The ad graphics were further developed as installation and exhibited in "YeP YeP 1st Issue Exhibition" in Present Projects. 












​Click the above image to zoom in and click left and right arrow for the rest of the fake ads series.

Programme Details:

Selected Media Coverage:

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